Saturday, May 13, 2006

Entity Studio Code Generator

You can use this project to design entity relationship diagrams, to generate database and program code out of it. The project is in Microsoft Windows/Visual Basic 6.0.

ER diagrams can be imported from databases and existing program code (classes). An Entity relationship diagram is something like a relationship diagram you see in Microsoft Access. This project provides a small environment to work with ER diagrams, an XML language and its DOM to describe these ER diagrams, and a control that can be used to visually represent these ER Diagrams. You can write your own plugins to export ER description to various target platforms (like ASP code, Oracle queries etc).

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Raju said...

G8 work. Y can't you think of making it in large scale with some framework with some configurable features and approach the g8 companies in India.

Also think about generating application rather than code, with the functionalities included.

Also you can think of reading the business rules from some business flow diagrams or you can provide some standard modeling language for the same.